Best Places To Take Portraits In New York

Awesome spots for instagram pictures and new portraits with Classic NYC vibe in New York, New York.

1. Rooftops (Hotels and Bars)

Several places such as The Skylark are great spots for photos. This photo is taken from Arlo Nomad rooftop, access available for hotel guests.

2. NYC Steam System

An iconic NYC mood is having that steam in the background. Creating that action in the photo and that city feeling.

3. Central Park (Gapstow Bridge)

An awesome perspective of park/nature and buildings/city at the same time. And you have the New York staple the Plaza Hotel in the background.

4. Central Park (East Drive and 64th st)

On top of the unnamed rock formation, you have an amazing view of billionaires row, the park and Wollman Rink below.

5. Observatories

This photo was from the 102nd floor observatory of the Empire State Building. Panoramic view of the city.

6. Flatiron District

Taking a Portrait from the correct angle and you can use the Flatiron Building as a background.

7. Broadway and 23rd St

This spot is great because you have an unobstructed view of the Empire State Building from the city streets.

8. Subway Stairs

Some stairs have a great view of iconic landmarks as background when shooting upward such as this photo by 34th St.

9. Stuyvesant and 10th st

Abe lebewohl triangle. Great spot for photos particularly during fall season I feel.

10. Pier 34

Underrated spot for portraits. You have multiple elements such as the city and the river. Not too busy unlike other spots and piers in the city.

11. The High Line

High line outlook by 17th St and 10th Ave offers a different perspective having that overhead portrait with cars driving by in the background.

12. DUMBO, Brooklyn

Love this spot by Old Pier 1. You have the Manhattan skyline as your background.

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