Capital One Shopping. A genius way to get the best available price.

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

1. What is Capital One Shopping

It is a free browser extension that scans the internet for coupon codes to help you find the lowest available price for the items on your list. I had no difficulty using it. I was able to add the extension in less than a minute. Happy that it is available on my favorite browsing services: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, & Safari. An app is available for iOS and Android, but the extension cannot be installed on a mobile device.

2. How to use Capital One Shopping

Once installed on your desktop browser, Capital One Shopping works automatically which I really like. It helps you save money by searching for coupons and promo codes, comparing prices at various retailers, and earning Capital One Shopping Credits.

3. The 3 main benefits of Capital One Shopping

Automatically Applies Coupon Codes

-I no longer need to keep searching for coupon codes on the internet, during my online shopping check out, the friendly Capital One Shopping Window popped up and did it for me automatically. It applied the best available coupon and promo codes. I find this very convenient, not only did it save me money but also a lot of time searching and typing in codes that may not work. This is available across tens of thousands of retailer sites.

Instantly Comparing Prices

-Another feature that I like is that it finds the best available price. It even checks shipping costs and membership pricing. When it finds a better price while you shop on Amazon or Target, Capital One Shopping shows you the cost difference and provides a link directly to the other retailer. I would definitely be happy to know if I’m getting a big discount.

Earning Credits for Gift Cards

-Capital One Shopping Credits is probably my favorite feature. Capital One Shopping helps you earn Credits on purchases when you shop. I love that I can redeem Credits for gift cards at dozens of top retailers. Accumulate enough points and I can get a gift card from my favorites such as Walmart®.

4. My experience with Capital One Shopping has been great

I do recommend installing and using Capital One Shopping as it takes less than a minute to install the web extension, I love saving money and getting the best available deals, and now I can do it automatically.

Capital One Shopping searches for a better price while you shop at Target, Best Buy and Amazon. Capital One Shopping searches for a better price internet-wide unlike other extensions you may use that only compare prices on Amazon.

Fun fact: Capital One Shopping found customers more than $160 million in savings in the last year. Capital One Shopping now has millions of customers, I am now one of the happy customers saving money. You can start saving as well by adding the browser extension. head on to now.

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