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This post is sponsored by Chime. All opinions are my own.

This year, I have taken banking, and saving to new heights. I decided to start my Chime journey by signing up on their website because of the many benefits. It took me no more than 5 minutes to complete my application, it was quick and easy. I’m excited because of the many great features and benefits. Here are some of my favorites:

1. No monthly maintenance or overdraft fees, no minimum balance required and no international transaction fees.

2. Using Chime, transactions go through very quickly. The balance gets reflected on your account quickly. This allowed me to keep tabs on what I’m spending and made sure that everything is in order with their daily activity updates directly in the Chime mobile app!

3. Get your paycheck early- You can connect to your payroll provider and set up Direct Deposit and receive your paycheck up to 2 days earlier!

4. The Chime App-

Simplicity and Effectiveness

It’s just well designed to be simple and effective. Some apps I don’t want to even bother because I need to learn a new system, some are complicated and I have to learn them through trial and error. But not the Chime app, it’s easy to use and with icons on the transactions you can easily see where you are spending your money.


With the app, it allows you to do all the necessary money management you need through your phone including (Direct Deposit, Bank Transfers, Mobile Check Deposit, Deposit Cash, Pay Bills.)

Pay Friends

Several companies used to have send money feature for free but now they will charge you a small percentage for this. Chime App allows you to send money to a friend without extra charges.

Need to find an ATM? No problem.

Chime has an ATM map on the app and helps you easily locate one of 38,000 fee-free ATMs nationwide

Standing out.

5. International

A great feature that will stand out for you if you love travelling like me is that You can use your Chime Visa Debit Card anywhere Visa is accepted and this is with NO extra charge.

6. Mail a check

You can send checks to businesses and individuals. Just input who to send it to and the amount and Chime we’ll take care of it. No need to physically order and write checks, with this feature you just need the app with you or go online.

I remember needing to get a check before and I had to find an open bank on the weekend, drive to the bank, falling in line just before the bank closing and I had to pay a fee for it. With this feature it takes that worry and hassle away.

7. Outstanding Customer Service

During my first week as a Chime Member, I actually lost my card lol. I wrote Chime support an Email requesting assistance. This was on a Sunday evening. Within minutes I received an Email back. The member service person was formal, professional and was able to quickly resolve my issue after verifying some pertinent information.

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