My passion projects

Photography; I treat it as a hobby. Things work out better when I treat it as such but when I'm there in action, my competitive spirit tends to come out. Often an idea pops into our head and we don't act upon it. Whenever I have an idea, I act upon it. Even if I failed I am much happier trying. And maybe I learn a thing or two and get better the next time around.

My skills are more of the creative side but I learn better from experiencing it myself and watching others work. My personal best photo was at boulder bridge in Rock Creek Park. I never shot fall colors before so I didn't know what to expect. But that idea combined with effort and creativity produced something great I would say. It was featured in other instagram accounts (Popville, Dctography, Postcardsfromtheworld etc.)

I included other photos for your viewing.

Rock Creek Park (Fall 2018)

A house in Georgetown DC. Featured in (houses_phototrip, Southern Living Mag)